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The events are updated continuously, so please visit often. All weekly bulletins can be found on-line as well, so you may keep up with the congregation if you can not attend a Mass.

Are you new to the area and have you been attending St. Paul Parish regularly? Please consider formally registering in the parish. Parish Registration Forms are located in the vestibule in the Church in a manila file folder. Or download the Adobe form found on our Documents page. Fill out the form and place it in the Offertory Basket when you come to church. Thank you and welcome to the parish.

The Korean Catholic Community website can be found here.
한국 가톨릭 공동체 웹 사이트는 여기에서 찾 을 수 있습니다.


Today is the Twelfth Sunday of the church’s Ordinary Time. In it, the holy mother church reminds and encourages us her children that Christ is with us even in the midst of all the storms of this life. Therefore, this is a worthy cause for celebration and thanksgiving because we are so glad that Jesus cares for us.
Both the first reading from Job and the Gospel of Mark today reminds us that God is the world’s creator. Hence, he has the power to control and regulate all the natural, physical and spiritual forces or activities going on in this world. God has the whole world in his hands. So, he directs the course of our lives and the history of this world.
~ Excerpted from frcanicenjoku



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